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Seeing if this script worked

Automates writing test content with correct metadata for Pelican. This is the partial code for it, which can also be found here:

import sys
import time
import os
words = [arg for arg in sys.argv[1:]]
with open("{}.md".format(('-').join(words)), "w") as beak:
    beak.write("Title: {}\n".format((' ').join(words)))
    beak.write("Date: {}\n".format(time.strftime("%Y-%m-%d")))
    beak.write("Category: General\n\n")
    beak.write("Automates writing test content...")
    # ...turtles all the way down :)

And I ran this to automate publishing it, dubbed fly-pelican:

source activate blog
cd /Users/rainierababao/cs/rainier
pelican content -o output -s pelicanconf.py
ghp-import output
git push git@github.com:rainiera/rainiera.github.io.git gh-pages:master
echo "Published!"

blog is just a conda env I use for site development.

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