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September 09, 2018 RnL (contains substance)

Note/epistemic status: RnL’s (reading and listening) are my consumption logs with notes I’m OK making public. I spend little time polishing my thoughts and timebox it to no more than 30 min to an hour on days I choose to log.



  • Devon Zuegel: Cities as a Superpower

    Solidly one of the top 10 interesting podcasts I’ve listened to this year. Key takeaways for me:

    • Major problems like climate change, nuclear disarmament, etc. can be distilled to being instances of coordination problems between parties, which can be mitigated using incentive design. Even as a more mundane/directly-relatable example, modern dating practices are instances of a prisoner’s dilemma-type coordination problem.
    • Writing is like playing chess with yourself. Increases your working memory. And other cool stuff.
    • People are flakier in SF than in other cities like NYC and Chicago (interesting reasons more fleshed out on her blog posts (1) (2)).
    • Cities are key to unlocking human potential, and Singapore is pretty cool (I agree). But results would be generally negative if we stretched the governance style out to a whole country.


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